Indicator Species at Mezzacello Urban Farm

If you have been following my Urban Ag Tech Summer Camp posts you’ll know that I was set back by an attack of nematodes and centipedes otherwise known as indicator species. Well my solution for this was to slowly heat the soil over a period of two weeks under a tightly sealed clear plastic tarp.

Mezzacello from above. The 24 beds shown, the eight beds that show as white are beneath plastic tarps.

Indicator Species at Mezzacello Urban Farm

After we determined the problem of indicator species, my camp and I researched the solution. We devised a system for covering the beds with plastic tarp and a system for securing the clear tarp that was more secure than just staples. When I checked the beds at the end of the camp, the soil temps were consistently 55 C.

Future Plans

I will be pulling the tarps off tonight as my next camp starts tomorrow, 7/12/2021. Stay tuned. I do not see any signs of the indicator species that were VERY present prior to the heat setting.

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