I Sense a Theme Here

I Sense a Theme Here
The Sensor Array Map of Mezzacello. This is not to scale, and not all security systems are represented.

At Mezzacello our primary mission is grow, maintain, sustain, and explain, and a big part of that mission is accomplished through a variety of advanced electronic systems and sensors. I Sense a Theme Here refers to the approximately 81 sensors and antenna deployed around Mezzacello to make the last three components of our mission statement possible. This is the sensor map of Mezzacello.

I Sense Your Disbelief

I was a bit taken aback when I first created this map over the weekend. I know where the sensors are and I use them on the daily. But I had never undertaken a full survey of the overlapping sensor arrays and mesh 4G and 5G networks until I was required to for insurance and summer camp reasons.

There are a lot. Many of them are bundled into one discrete device and mounted in weatherproof cases around the farm or in the outbuildings. They give me important data, like the current and projected weather, light levels, temperature, humidity, motion, and voltage levels. They give me a story of the farm so I can create a meta data map of the health and vitality of the farm.

I am actively using this data almost on the daily. For example, light, temp, humidity, motion, pressure, and voltage sensors are telling me that right now, putting seedlings in the greenhouse would be unsustainable, but in the attached greenhouse, I am getting a different story.

Data Does Not Lie, But It Can Confuse

Data does not lie, but it can confuse. That is why this summer my goal is to launch the next generation of research and summer camps and create an army of drones that will be controllable from a single source and together we shall overwhelm the outer systems of the galaxy and defeat the Jedis once and for all — oops wrong narrative…

This is an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo

Seriously, an army of 10 Raspberry Pi Pico units powered by mobile solar power arrays and deployed at key locations and with systems integration and custom code to take raw data from 12 unique sensor platforms and arrays and send them to a central computer station. This data will then be used by campers in my #ProjectBioTech, #BioEngineer, #ProjectRenewables, and #projectBioChem summer camps to tell the story of Urban Ag in a way it’s never been told before.

One Map To Rule Them All

I have created an entirely new class of maps and web-resources to this end. Visit and click on the Mezzacello Systems link in the navigation of the website. Every single system is represented there, with the exception of proprietary or security sensitive data.

Later this spring I will be creating design challenges and video assets that will help me with my goal of extending my mission here at Mezzacello to include train, and expand my vision for the farm of tomorrow. I will do this while still honoring my three main slogans here at Mezzacello;

  1. Poor Boys Have Poor Ways
  2. Living in the Past for the Future
  3. A Twenty-First Century Urban Farm

Join me, support me, donate if you’s like. But this is happening no matter what. Because as Victor hugo once wrote, “This is an idea whose time has come.” My 501c3 status launches officially this month – join me!

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