How Much Energy Do We Need?

How Much Energy Do We Need?

The question I get asked a lot is how much energy can we actually get from Solar, Wind and other renewables? It’s a good question, and the amazing VFX crew at Corridor Crew have done a fantastic job of explaining it and visualizing just that. So, How Much Energy DO We Need?

Here is a link to the video!

The Energy Is There, The Will Is NOT

Frankly, I was quite surprised by this data. I KNEW the sun produces SO MUCH ENERGY! But I was surprised how unprepared we are to harness it. Instead we burn things and use light (in the form of heat and waste gasses almost exclusively.

Learn more about Heat as light, here.

This is wildly unsustainable and we know it. That’s why I like this video that Wren with Corridor Crew did. He points out the logical fallacies of solar, wind and battery tech and what it would take to start using them wisely.

The usual suspects of our #ClimateReality #Crisis are at it again! Apathy, Industry, and Capitalist Ventures who stand to lose big are still standing in the way. But we MUST move forward.

What Will It Take?

I don’t have an immediate answer to that question, but I do have good facts. Now we need strong leadership and a public ready to pay attention to reason and care about the tomorrows. Will that be our generation?

I hope so. But this conversion is STILL going to take a TON (TONS) of resources and materials to pull off. Can we find the resources to do this?!

I guess we will have to wait and see. Meanwhile, we should start looking at the relationships between sustainability and the golden mean. Have a look here.

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