Hot Water Means Boiling Hot

Hot Water means Boiling Hot
It is cheaper to keep water hot in a natural gas hot water tank than it is to heat it. Eventually we’ll get an in demand system; but until then, we need boiling hot water.

When you live on a farm it is essential that you have access to both fresh water AND hot water. It is an extreme LUXURY to be sure, and a nuisance when you just need to wash your hands. But when I need hot water to sterilize or clean things 20 times a day, well the choice is obvious.

There are days where I dream of what our new kitchen will be like. I think about tile and marble and soft fluffy towels while Mozart plays in the background. But for now we use what we have and I really need hot water in this farm kitchen and this is hot!

But seriously, who am I kidding? It is going to be easy clean and probably stainless steel. We are not people that are willing to waste resources for comfort.

Eventually a Mudroom for the Farm

That ship has sailed! Comfort is a luxury we can’t actually afford and remain honestly #Sustainable. The world is more complicated than just comfort. We love our farm, and our place in this ecosystem.

We have plans to install a mudroom dedicated to sterilizing and treating tools on the farm. Then we will include a gas powered on demand water heater. That will be a nice luxury.

If I ever had to live in suburbia I would lose my damn mind. I am a part of the web of life, and that web is part of me. Pretty and pastoral things are fun but they do not last.

There is a place for pretty and soft; but it’s not where life, food, and sanitation meet on an #Urbanfarm. No offense to suburban kitchens. But this is where reality meets the road. I am empathetic to needing cleanliness all the time, and not just when I need it now.

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