Health and Wellness Through Sustainability

Health and Wellness Through Sustainability
Chinese astronauts doing Tai Chi in Earth Orbit.
Teaching Tai Chi on Earth at Mezzacello

Addressing health and wellness through sustainability is actually easier and far more integrated than one might imagine. Health and wellness mean more than just physical or mental. Take for example during the COVID-19 lockdown.

…health and wellness and happiness are active choices. We seek them out and they sustain us so we can sustain others.

Jim Bruner

Mental health is wildly important. That is one of the things I love about the ecosystems at Mezzacello. It afforded me a space and a safe place during COVID19 to keep my body and mind healthy. It also allowed me to help others do the same, which is a cornerstone of sustainability in my opinion, like teaching Tai chi.

The enclosed ecosystems at Mezzacello make it really easy to do a variety of different things all focused on health and wellness. There’s the farming, the maintenance, there’s the care for the animals, there’s the endless digging, and there’s the opportunity to exercise in an enclosed park. The sustainability allows for all of this.

Access and Action to Achieve Sustainability

I understand not everybody has this level of access. But health and wellness and happiness are active choices. We seek them out and they sustain us so we can sustain others.

In truth the real relationship between health and wellness is this ability to understand our role in the world and persevere. We are not victims of our happiness; we are authors. We may not be always happy but we do need opportunity, freedom, and perspective on what wellness means to us.

Creating a world where this choice is even an accessible is what we’re really talking about here. Purpose, health, love, dreams, desire, and opportunity. These are what we build sustainable health and wellness programs around.

Keeping the spirit and body strong when the world is unfair

What does this have to do with tai chi? The privilege I have I’m not only knowing tai chi but the opportunity to teach it gives me music and helps others build systems to manage their fear their anxiety their health and their body. It is my tool to keep my goals in mind and my spirit strong.

Pain is an evitable, suffering is a choice. Health and wellness are important individual and social constructs. The fact that I get to share something I love and help others is what makes this is sustainable goal for me.

it all goes back to my three and five philosophy. Whatever you put into a system should be designed and managed so that you always get more than what you put in. This is the core of sustainability.

For me tai chi is a sustainable goal. What I and others get from it is far beyond what has to be put into it. that is the lesson of tai chi; become the solution by being one with the issue. I think that’s why I chose tai chi for this topic.

and speaking of being more than just the problem or the solution. How cool is that photo ‘Chinese astronauts on Shenzou space station doing tai chi 180 miles above the earth. Regardless of where you are, the truth remains true.

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