Happy Holidays From Mezzacello

Happy Holidays From Mezzacello
Happy Holidays From Mezzacello

The holiday season is upon us! No matter what you celebrate, who you love, where you live, if you squawk, quack, or chirp; Happy Holidays From Mezzacello!

We don’t have a lot of time to celebrate with a tree or special decorations. So we bring the tender plants in and decorate those instead. Here’s a sample.

The rosemary decorated, a gift of eggnog and crickets and a light heart.

It’s a very chilly winter here in Columbus, Ohio. But we keep the house warm with the fireplaces and some festive lighting. This years “tree” was a special one.

Upcycling The Tree

This year’s tree is of course the Rosemary topiary from the herbal parterre garden. I found some bulbs in the alley and took some copper wire from a motor I was rebuilding in my renewables summer camp over the summer. I was thinking of the lessons I taught kids over the summer to reuse everything.

The bulbs have “hooks” made of braided copper wire. The lights were a string of LEDs I was using to monitor how much voltage an LED uses and if we can light LEDs with solar panels. It all came about quite easily, and it’s festive.

Wishing You Well Today and in 2023

Rick and I wish you well as we progress back into spring – and into the new year. We are looking forward to an exciting year of innovation and fun. And we are grateful to all of you.

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