Growing To Green Sustainability Award

Growing To Green Sustainability Award
At The Awards Ceremony

Recently I won the Franklin Park Conservatory Growing To Green Sustainability Award. I was obviously very excited as you can see in the photo above. I have been building towards this for years.

Working towards This Goal

When we started Mezzacello in 2016 we KNEW then that Sustainability was going to be our ultimate goal. It was BAKED into our mission: Grow, Maintain, Sustain, Explain. All four of those verbs are about growing food and creating both a food oasis in the city and teaching others to do it.

That’s why it was so special to me that Mezzacello won this award. It is central to our mission. we are not a pop-up community garden.

We are a learning lab to encourage others to be a real model to grow and better understand how to build a sustainable source of food in a densely populated urban built environment. On earth, on the moon, on mars. Nature needs specific inputs.

So I am grateful for this award, and all the others yet to come. This is my compass: do good work and keep on doing it. Join me, won’t you?

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