Goofy Smiles and Grandkids

Goofy Smiles and Grandkids

I guess it was not until after this latest visit to see the family that I realized we have Goofy Smiles and Grandkids. Every picture, I am genuinely excited and happy to see them. Every time.

More Smiles

It was a really good visit to see the families. Everyone is healthy and happy and growing up. It was a surprise to us that Cora was raising chickens!

Rick once again got to be the most charming granddad ever. I love how gentle he is with the kids. Patient and kind and wise too.

We also were treated to an impromptu concert by Lydia and Elizabeth! Then we got to take Lydia and Elizabeth to see their piano teacher play in an ensemble recital with two other world-class musicians. It was lovely!

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