Mezzacello is a compound concept. A merging of two wills, missions, and visions. I’ve addressed this before. South Korea vs North Korea here and in Pretty and Plentiful here and again in Science and Symmetry here. But I have never shared why this story has two parts. Rick has a natural passion for creating spaces of peace and beauty. These gardens in their bifurcated identity comprise a major character in the story of our lives. I revealed my personal inspiration for building Mezzacello. This is Rick’s origin story.

On three different occasions Rick has been compelled to create gardens. Expressions of his character and sensibility. These he calls the “Gone Gardens”. Each Gone Garden has been a manifestation of his calm and ordered mind, each garden has been a casualty of a major life change. Each life change called for both a reinvention of self and space. Moving on with his journey through life has meant that Rick had to lose that connection to place. He is a creator.

When Rick and I met we immediately knew that we were going to need a space to create something. I wanted a way to experiment with food production and self sustainable systems, Rick wanted a garden. We didn’t know that these impulses would be so very different — and yet so complimentary. For me Mezzacello is my first garden. For Rick Mezzacello is a culminating of the vision and experience of a seasoned architect and gardener. Mine is the garden to heal the body whereas Rick’s formal gardens are gardens to heal the soul.

It sounds dramatic. What can I say? We are motivated men with passion and purpose. We are committed to the idea of Mezzacello; Living in the past for the future. Humanity will always need food, shelter, purpose, and beauty. The common themes here are respect, balance, grace, and health. At some point you are going to have to loop Mother Nature in on this scheme. This is the vision of how the Gone Gardens have come home.

[/media-credit] Rick in his Gone Garden outside Urbana, Ohio.

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