Global Innovation Field Trip and the Bioreactor

Me standing in front of the Bioreactor at Mezzacello.

Last weekend I presented at the Global innovation Field Trip and the Bioreactor was my subject. It was a lot of fun and I got to use my icon that was designed for me by my friend, Ike. It’s a lot of fun and captures my enthusiasm for climate reality and agriculture – as well as meaningful action to curb the bad effects.

The Design Cycle

Everything that I do at Mezzacello involves the Design Cycle. I iterate through every invention and problem using this amazing tool that I first learned about working with The PAST Foundation. It is the natural way that humans learn, play and think.

In this presentation I was speaking to a group of child inventors around the world who had joined that were interested in invention. Not one of them probably believed farmers were also inventors. But we are inventors by our very nature; we invent life.

The presentation that I have posted below was a simple demonstration of how invention happens. I created this presentation to make this process easy for young minds. Making learning fun is what I do.

In this presentation I modeled the path I took from simple compost to the more advanced systems of the bioreactor and the biodome. It was a process of thinking, researching, designing, building, failing, modifying, and now sharing. It’s important that young leaders see the design process is a real tool that all humans use.

Click here to view the presentation slides.

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