Four years ago we decided we were to dedicate our efforts across all domains to sustainability. We refer to it as an enclosed Sustainable ecosystem network. There are many pathways that enable and insure those networks remain viable and renewable. This requires that we reframe waste. Not as an inconvenience or troubling afterthought; but as a valuable resource. This is one of the most valuable waste streams at Mezzacello. Humble lint.

[/media-credit] All the lint from my dryer at Mezzacello put out for the birds nests that will be popping up soon.

We pull it off our clothes, linens and rugs. We used to throw it away. But then I saw the multiple functional pathways lint could be useful for:

  1. birds nests
  2. holding moisture in potting soil
  3. carbon in compost
  4. catching and housing algae and microbes in the biofilter
  5. bedding for baby chicks
  6. bedding for baby rabbits
    holding water safely for crickets
  7. great padding on hangers
  8. holding peanut butter and lard for sueT
  9. helping seeds thrive as it holds water and fertilizer close to the seed
  10. creating sachets to keep moths away in closets, especially when you add cedar oil and lavender

There is more I am sure. I haven’t encountered it yet. What would you use lint for? Share it with me. Make me better!



  • Thanks for all these ideas!

  • Janet Hofmann

    Please be mindful that lint can be a problem, especially for bird nests. When wet, it gets really soggy and matted down and doesn’t dry out well, and can harbor mold and other pests. And if you are putting microfiber clothing in the dryer or other synthetics, the lint itself may be hazardous.

    But if kept dry, it is good campfire starter.

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