Ford F-150 Has a Name Now

The truck needs washed as well

We have had this truck for five years. I bought it from my brother and his wife and it has been a workhorse! The Ford F-150 Has a Name Now.

This Truck Is a Star

I can always rely on my Mezzacello truck. It is no frills and dependable. My mechanic can always fix it and reminds me regularly what a great truck it is.

A lot of people drive trucks as a lifestyle statement. This guy does work, and now it advertises as well. It sits on the street outside Mezzacello and even though it has been stolen, crashed into and had multiple windows broken, he’s a real friend.

He’s dirty and getting a little bit worn down – but so are we all. I still love him and this truck has been a star. Now he has a name and it is Mezzacello Urban Farm.

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