Fishy Business

Fishy Business
The view of the fish from an underwater camera in the pond.

One of the joys of starting a new relationship, whether it be with a person, a house, or a garden… is discovering things that never would have occurred to you outside of that relationship. Each relationship changes who you are, till after awhile, you are in a place you never dreamed. This is true especially with the fishy business.

We did not know that we would need a pond at Mezzacello. It just made sense to have a source of water as a reservoir. Then we added fish.

Link to Ohio Koi

One of us wanted fish to create a new ecosystem and develop a source of algae and bio-wastes that would fertilize the gardens. One of us fell in love with koi and the peace and tranquility that a pond can bring. Surprisingly, we got both.

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