Feed, Fumes and the Ford F150

Livestock feed left in the cab overnight makes a stale-smelling cab come morning.

Occasionally I make a rogue run to Rural King (a competitor to TSC) to purchase farm equipment and feed. I always try to go early so I have time to get back and get it all sorted and put away properly. This is the story of the feed, fumes and the Ford F-150—that one time I forgot.

Oh, And It Rained

Yeah, I made the mistake of leaving the feed uncovered in the back of the truck on the 25 mile trip back from Circleville to Columbus, Ohio uncovered. And it rained. But I was in a hurry!

So I left slightly damp rabbit feed, chicken feed and mealworms in my hot truck overnight. When I went out the the truck and saw this truck full of livestock feed, I knew I was going to regret it. And when I opened that cabin door, I did.

I pulled everything out, regretting going and doing that fun social thing I had committed to and NOT doing the chores, and checked on the state of the feed. For the most part it was fine. But the feed and the pine mulch had off-gassed — a lot.

Do Your Chores – Or Else!

It took me days of driving around with the windows rolled down to get rid of the vomit smell. Chicken feed really stinks when it gets damp. You should know this if you ever raise chickens!

I was constantly reminded of the smell of the dive bars back in college. You know the ones with beer and puke all over the place and the sticky floors. But at least in those bars the music was decent.

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