Fall Harvest Update 2022

This is a short report and fall harvest update 2022 on the results of my third harvest this year in the updated Martian soil at Mezzacello. A collection of chards, brassicas, peas, leeks, potatoes, turnips, and sweet potatoes. The kale is NOT thriving in this soil. Neither harvest has flourished. The same for the onions and and beans. There is something about this soil matrix that does not support these vegetables.

Soil Health and Modifications

The Martian beds are apparently too sweet with nitrogen. The amount of diatomaceous earth is insufficient to provide structure to the soil and mineral content. The test beds in Gamma section were amended with topsoil and their health has improved.

I will need to make some allowances for this moving forward. But I want to control the soil to compost ratio as carefully as possible. I have done a great deal of research to date and I want to continue that research.

So I will be making these adaptations and amendments and recording their ratios in Airtable. I will extend this research into the next season as well. The Vegepod system will serve as my soil compost matrix test bed until then.

The Vegepod system and my compost to soil control matrix in October 2022.
One month later with one application of Eden’s Ghost

I took another photo today (the day after I posted this). The turnips and cilantro are thriving! The onions too. But the carrots and celery are slow.

I am told celery grows slow. The cilantro at the north side of the vegepod is THRIVING! I think it prefers shade!

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