This is the aquatic ecosystem at Mezzacello, also known as the pond. Arrayed around it are all the input and output streams that come from this one ecosystem and will go to other 4 ecosystems at Mezzacello in turn.

[/media-credit] A photo of the pond with some of the inputs and outputs.

The photo above is a small sample of the Interrelated systems at Mezzacello.  The fish in the pond are entertaining and they love the rabbit droppings. The droppings are high nitrogen and nutrients and they’re free. The ducks love the water Hyacinth. The water hyacinth and water lettuce are nitrogen and nutrients and the pond produces too much. Water lettuce and water Hyacinth can also be used as greens in compost. During a drought I can use the water in the pond to water and maintain gardens and animals. The algae in the bio filter serves as excellent fertilizer to all the gardens and enriches the compost. And the electricity that fuels it all comes from the house, although shortly will come from solar arrays. So the entire system will be self dependent.

It takes a lot of planning to pull this off; but if you do it right, it basically runs itself. Read Pondergeist to see just how wrong it can go. And it’s really really lovely in the summer when it’s green and lush and extremely useful.

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  • Charlie Christian

    Sounds like an excellent idea. Do you have an actual design for your pond? Thank you.

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