Eden’s Ghost Application

I wanted to provide an update on Eden’s Ghost application. If you are unfamiliar with Eden’s Ghost, see my bioreactor update from summer 2021. Eden’s Ghost is an amazing fertilizer I produce here at Mezzacello.

Fertilizer 101

Eden’s Ghost is a powerful fertilizer. It was developed when I was experimenting with the compost reaction in the bioreactor. The first year, during COVID19 Lockdown. I didn’t drain the liquid from the bioreactor and it collected there.

Test and Test Again

I tested it and in the proper dose, it is amazing. My first few applications it was disastrous. Then I stopped using so much and it was paradise.

Eventually I learned it was 1 cup to 2 gallons of water. That seems to be the magic dose. I can also add 1 liter to to a sprayer that sprays 100 liters of water.

It’s the ratio that matters. That’s why I call it Eden’s Ghost. It brings death or paradise.

Why It Works

The nitrogen and phosphorous are really strong in Eden’s Ghost. It is a synthesis of the compost, the added ammonia, beer, and soda. I also add coffee grounds, eggshells, and banana peels.

All of this is to balance out the soil matrix. The soil at Mezzacello is heavy in clay, and the Eden’s Ghost adds a lot of nutrition and nutrients to the soil. The rich mineral composition also attracts life up from below.

This is essential. If there is no life to support the subterranean ecosystem, the plants will not thrive. If the plants thrive, Eden’s Ghost will keep it sustainable.

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