Design Challenge: Reframe a Problem

In this design challenge: reframe a problem teams will solve a simple design challenge by describing it in the most insane way ever. We are looking at the game telephone but through directions and actions. The goal is to stump the other team, without CHEATING.

The Challenge

First, as a team we will break a four step problem into each step. Then we will replace key words with anagrams or metaphors. Then we will give that madlib to another team to solve it.

The goal of the game (and of the Design Challenge) is to make solving the riddle as hard to solve without being factually incorrect. We will also be using algorithms to determine what to do next. We need to keep the other team stumped for at least five minutes.

What Is An Algorithm?

An algorithm is a set of instructions or rules that can be followed to solve a problem.

An algorithm is a specific set of instructions that if we follow them, we will get a new but expected outcome. This concept is both ancient and essential. For example there is an algorithm for becoming friends.

The goal of this Design Challenge is not just to stump the other team, but to create an algorithm that will allow future teams to create effective and efficient algorithms in the future.

Using The Design Cycle

When we approach a problem like this, we must first brainstorm and think about all the ways we could solve this problem. Then looking at what we have, and how we must use them, we research other solutions. Then we design and build it!

The Design Cycle

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