Design Challenge: Mastering Fear

Design Challenge: Mastering Fear

In this design challenge: mastering fear we will be using simple tools or resources to create an 80 second hourglass or hourglass proxy. Why 80 seconds? This is the longest amount of time that any emotion can remain active in the body when focus is pulled from it.

The quote on the image above is a very famous quote from the book “Dune” written by Frank Herbert four years before I was born. What do we think it means? The idea is as old as legends, myths, and recorded history.

Let’s Talk About Fear

Let’s have a discussion about fear and panic and then we’ll get into the Design Challenge. How do we define fear? Why do we have fear?

The Challenge

Using just a few simple tools and objects, teams must research

  1. How emotions work
  2. How Hourglasses work
  3. How to create something that flows over 80 seconds

Each team will tackle one of these questions using a Raspberry Pi computer and monitor, a wifi signal and and a monitor. When the research is complete it should be documented on paper. When that step is complete we will begin building a fear hourglass.

What is an emotional Hourglass?

An emotional hourglass is a simple improvised hourglass made of simple tools and machines and substance that under pressure flows for 80 seconds. The hourglass DOES not have to be a device. It can also be done in code on a computer or as a poem. The only stipulation is that the process must take 80 seconds to complete one cycle.

Use The Design Cycle

We will be using the design cycle to design, build and test this design challenge. Each team will use the analyze and modify component of the design cycle to test another team’s solution set. Be brave, be adventurous and be clever!

The Design Cycle

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