Design Challenge: Interview for Your Future Job

In this design challenge: interview for your future job we will be playing a game to discover what we as individuals find most interesting. By playing this game we should learn three things. We seek to discover who we are, what we like, where might we be able to do those things?

Start with Passions

Start by forming into your teams. Each team will work together for 15 minutes to create a summary of the things they know about themselves on a scrap of paper. Then they will collect those papers into a folder.

Pass the folder to the next team. That next team will take these pieces of paper and in 10 minutes compare them to careers provided that reflect some of the words in each description. Starting with the question “Who are we“, moving through “what we like“, and finishing with “where can we do those things?

Discussion: What Do We Mean By Passion?

What do we mean when we discuss passion? What do we mean when we discuss talent? Why do passion and talent matter?

Create More Meaning

Once the second team has organized the team prior into careers, pass the folder to the third team. The third team will be interviewing the original team and each other team the same. This should be done in five minute rounds.

The winner of the design challenge is the team that best captures the person described in the team dossier assigned to them. Is it possible to match a persons interests and impacts this way? What else should we factor in?

Using The Design Cycle

When we approach a problem like this, we must first brainstorm and think about all the ways we could solve this problem. Then looking at what we have, and how we must use them, we research other solutions. Then we design and build it!

The Design Cycle

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