Creating Unique Fertilizers From Scratch

One of the benefits of living on an urban farm is the opportunity for creating unique fertilizers from scratch. At Mezzacello we try to recapture every bit of magic so we can attain our core mission of sustainability. Here is a gallery of a few of the ways we go about doing this.

Liquid Fertilizers

This is the most dynamic source of fertilizer at Mezzacello. We produce seven liquid fertilizers at Mezzacello. Hmmm, and we have seven enclosed ecosystems as well?

All of these fertilizers are created on site from materials produced at Mezzacello. They are contained in reused box wine bags. This makes it easy to fill and deliver – and dispense!

  1. Eden’s Ghost
  2. Comfrey Tea
  3. Soy Emulsion
  4. Calcium Emulsion
  5. Banana and Banana Leaf Emulsion
  6. Rice Water
  7. Algae reduction

Instructions For Use

In the case of Mezzacello’s liquid fertilizers, the ratio for optimal delivery is 1:16. That means 1.47 Liters of fertilizers to 75 liters gallons of water (6 ounces of fertilizer to 256 ounces of water). Some of these fertilizers (Like Eden’s Ghost) are extremely potent! Pay attention to this ratio!

  • Liters to Liters: .47 : 75 (both liters)
  • Ounces to Gallons: 16 : 2 Gallons (256 ounces)

Use this link to calculate volumes

Eden’s Ghost

  • Pre-digestive formula that is brewed from compost with water, glucose, beer, and ammonia accelerators.
  • Brewed for three weeks and packaged.
  • This MUST be diluted or it will sterilize roots and microbiota.
  • When used correctly, it is a powerful fertilizer.

Comfrey Tea

  • This is both a soil amendment and a fertilizer.
  • The roots of comfrey pull the nutrients out of the soil and into the leaves.
  • This will remove a lot of the nutrient value of the soil when you grow comfrey.
  • The upside is that the roots build better soil and break up clay.
  • Removing the plant and then treating the soil with comfrey tea restores the soil and creates life.
  • Think about what it can do for your soil.

Soy Emulsion Water

  • Soybean Emulsion is high in nitrogen and encourages bright green foliage.
  • It also encourages root development and nitrogen uptake.
  • The protein in the emulsion also fuels microorganisms.
  • The edamame beans can be ground and added to the soil as well!

Calcium Emulsion Water

  • Baked egg shells and crushed finely or oyster shells crushed finely.
  • The calcium powder is steeped in water for 24 hours.
  • This will provide calcium to the root system of plants and build strong healthy stems.
  • The molecularized calcium ions are easily absorbed by the plants

Banana and Banana Leaf Emulsion Water

  • This fertilizer can be made from banana peels and banana leaves.
  • The peels and leaves are shredded and then steeped like a tea.
  • The resulting fertilizer is high in phosphorus and magnesium and will help plants maintain vibrant green leaves.

Rice Water

  • This is the gentlest of all the fertilizers at Mezzacello.
  • It brings nitrogen and sugars that power microorganisms and microrhyzomes in the soil.
  • This creates soil that is electrically conducive to plants communicating and sharing nutrients.

Algae Reduction

  • Algae is very good source of nitrogen, potassium, and carbon for your garden.
  • Pouring algae water on plants will green them up quite quickly!
  • The algae at Mezzacello also contains ammonia, fish manure emulsion, and salts that plants need to allow ion transfer in their root systems.
  • Lastly, algae improves soil structure a great deal.

Dried Fertilizers

These dried fertilizer amendments are actually liquid fertilizers that have been UV treated or physically dehydrated. They are great amendments because as they are vacuum-sealed, they keep really well. Because they have their liquid removed, they ship really well – even to Mars!

  • Dried Algae
  • Soybean Meal
  • Comfrey Meal
  • Freeze-dried Grass

Dried Algae

Algae that has been dehydrated has multiple and significant benefits. First and foremost, it stores the energy of the sun for a long time. It has so many benefits, I’ll list them out below.

  • Dehydrated and vacuum-sealed algae can be stored in a cool dark space for two years.
  • Adding dried algae to any soil will immediately improve the soil structure.
  • The nitrogen locked within the dried algae will slowly release into the soil.
  • Algae and its derivatives will attract microbiotic, arthropod, and insect life to your soil.

Soybean Meal

Soybean meal is a terrific soil amendment! It has all all the protein and nitrogen of the soy emulsion and the granular structure and carbon of the bean. I learned early on that chickens, ducks, and quail do NOT like edamame.

Comfrey Meal

After we have brewed the comfrey tea for two months, the leaves and stems remain. I can add them to compost, or I can dehydrate and grind them into a terrific soil amendment. I call this comfrey meal and I use the heat from my biodome to dehydrate the comfrey naturally.

Freeze-dried Grass

This is the most exotic dried fertilizer I have at Mezzacello. It requires a lot of energy, but it is a potent source of ammonia and Carbon Dioxide. Rehydrating it will jump start any compost bin you like!

Manure-Based Fertilizers

This class of manure is as the title infers, manure-based. Each comes in vacuum-sealed packages or in the case of the “Manure Cube” in the shape of a large LEGO block that be stacked to start any garden bed!

Compost Fertilizers

Mezzacello Urban Farm produces 3000L of high quality compost every season. All compost is available as a bagged option or in boxes. Bring your own container and we can make a discount happen!

This is a part of the City of Columbus Parks and Recreation Summer Grant Grant #1521-2023

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