Crazy Winter Weather in 2022/23

This crazy winter weather in 2022/23 is driving me crazy. But to be fair, it is also delighting me. The images above were taken two days before Christmas and then one day after New Years Day.

On the left the temperature was -20C (-6F). On the right the temperature was 18C (60F). The birds were very confused, but especially the ducks.

Ups and Downs

We need winter – especially on a farm! The cold is how we overcome the pests and problems in the gardens. These crazy temperature fluctuations are ominous.

The high temps confuse the autonomic systems of delicate flowers and trees. When it’s warm for multiple days tender shoots are vulnerable to freeze. this can be hard in the spring.

I’ll have to keep an eye out there for what the outcome is going to be. Expect the best but prepare for the worst I guess. But I think we got to like it while we have it!

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