Climate Reality and Sustainability

Climate Reality and Sustainability. I don’t even talk about Climate Change anymore. This is climate reality we are living in now.

Climate Reality and Sustainability
My #Future50 Cohort and me at Mezzacello planning the #ColumbusTreeCanopy Project

Columbus CEO, Future50 and the Columbus Tree Canopy Project

In 2022 I was part of the Columbus CEO #Future50 cohort. The project I chose to work on was the tree canopy project. My team was incredibly passionate, focused, and committed. Together we created a great plan of action and I am very grateful to them.

Karen, Trent, Brian, Dean and I worked hard on this project. We KNEW we were dealing with #ClimateReality and we KNEW we needed to do something. So we did.

Carbon Sinks

Just about every project I undertake at Mezzacello is to attempt to lock as much carbon and CO2 back into the ground. From growing plants from cuttings, to building compost and dirt composite soil beds, to collecting, reusing and leveraging biowastes. It is all about the Carbon Sink.

Martian Beds of Compost, Diatomaceous Earth and Dirt. Advanced Carbon Sink.

My standard growing beds at Mezzacello are typical. 75 CM W x 1.4 M L x 30CM D. The matrix of this bed is a hybrid lasagna compost bed, layered with waste manures, compost, dirt, compost, diatomaceous earth, compost, minerals, dirt, and burlap. Every last element produced or recycled on site and endlessly reused.

Even the Future50 project I worked on (which I reference above) was focused on being the best carbon sink I could manage. In addition to the careful planning, partnering, modeling, and planning, I did a lot of hands on work in carbon sequestration. I helped distribute and prepare over 3,000 trees to my community here in Columbus.

This not only met our stated goal of creating a green canopy of trees around Columbus, it locked a significant amount of carbon into the ground around our city. One of the central tenets of sustainability is to create a circular feedback. In this case, a hexagon (carbon has an atomic number of six!)

Periodic table of life
We most definitely recycle atoms and molecules!

We have to love NHCOPS if we want to start making real change in the issue of Climate Reality. We need that Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Phosphorus, and Sulfur to come as locally as possible. This urban farm and the technology within it is my first salvo in meeting the challenges of this crisis.

And just for fun, a chicken diaper. It doesn’t get any more local than that!
Recycling Boxed Wine Bags
Sabra and I trading empty wine bags for bioproducts for her garden.

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