Climate Reality and Climate Action

Climate Reality and Climate Action
The leadership team from Green Columbus doing great work!
Trees ready for donation
Shelly Douglass is a hero
Shelly Douglass is a hero.
Claus taking the time to walk through the engineering ofd the water supply with me.
Actually doing the work!

Climate Reality and Climate Action are here on us now! As part of my commitment to the Urban Tree Canopy Columbus Project for Columbus CEO Magazine’s #Future50 Class of 2022 I am dedicated to making positive change in Columbus. So is Green Columbus, and I have loved volunteering with them and their remarkably successful mission!

Trees Are The Key

Green Columbus also sees that expanding our green canopy to mitigate Climate Reality is a key strategy to keeping Columbus livable. I love how they have really stepped up to make that vision a reality. And they do it with grace, dignity and their vision firmly planted in sustainability.

In fact I am so inspired by the work they are doing that I am retooling all of my automated watering strategies to follow their model. Of course I will adapt it even further to use captured rainwater and automated circuits and robots. Shelly and Klaus shared all their schematics and plans with me – no questions asked.

Our missions overlap and our passions can change the world. I have learned that over the past few weeks and months. Working with my team on the Tree Canopy project with #Future50 (shout out to them!) and my ongoing research into carbon sequestration and renewables, and now my friends and mentors at Green Columbus.

We can change the world with our passion and vision. It takes action too though! Planning, Building, Failing, Learning and getting back out there and do it again – only better this time.

This is a call to LITERALLY be the change you want to see in the world. I am passionate about making life more livable, sustainable, and healthy for the generations to come. This is my stake (or in this case, tree) in the ground! Let’s do this!

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