Chicken TV and Safety

The security systems at Mezzacello are growing increasingly more sophisticated and useful. I call this Chicken TV, Coop Tech, and Safety. I can monitor activity anywhere and at any time in 1080HD and infrared.

That last piece the infrared part is critical. I need to be able to make out details in the dark, as that is where the predators hang out. I have lost enough to predators, I am stepping this system up to insure I do not lose others.

Infrastructure Improvements for Education

These additions are also necessary for the #UrbanAgTech summer camps I will be running here at Mezzacello this summer. The camps are Project BioTech and Project BioEngineering.

This particular improvement will help in the ProjectBioTech camp, where campers will study animal health and sanitation, and monitor and treat animals as needed. They will diagnose and monitor animals using these systems as well as the rabbit cam coming online next week.

This improvement will also be a part of Project BioEngineering as campers will be extending this capability with a portable sensor array that will monitor, sound, infrared body measurements, motion, humidity and the presence of ammonia and methane in the coop and sound appropriate alarms.

The presence of a predator in the coop will quickly be Identified by it’s motion, body temperature, and the sound of fear and chaos in the animals. This will sound an alarm in audible and ultrasound frequencies as well as activate an intense light to scare predators away.

It is going to be a fun summer, I think. Butu mostly it’s going to be a safe and exciting summer. Everyone is going to learn something, even me!

Summer Camp sign up starts now. Go to Events, Summer Camps and choose the camp you are interested in. Or visit the PAST Foundation and sign up there!

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