Mezzacello has had chickens and rabbits from nearly day one. It has always been my vision that the animal, vegetable, and formal plant domains be United. My first chicken coop was a plastic playhouse. My second coop was a compost bin in a dog kennel. My third coop was purchased from a family in Clintonville. I really liked this coop. The floor was easy to clean and I could get in the coop but not from the run. I appreciated the ease of cleaning, but I needed more gracious entry access.

Dimensions: the Coop is 8’x3’x7’x5’ and the run is the same dimension. The duck coop is 4’x3’x7’x5’.

The coop weights 200 lbs and the runs weigh half that.


[/media-credit] My first chicken coop, long before I introduced ducks to the ecosystems.
[/media-credit] The third iteration of the chicken, duck, and rabbit coops.
[/media-credit] The run with the base plates for ease of cleaning.
[/media-credit] The interior of the coop with the nesting boxes, roosting bars and easy clean mats.
[/media-credit] The nesting boxes can be completely aired out and accessed.
[/media-credit] The coop run with manure plates and a feeder.

I am ready to expand Mezzacello again. I will need to standardize the size and scope of my coops and run. I want to repurpose this coop to a new home. it is well built, sturdy and functional. It comes apart in three pieces – the run (harddware cloth, lattice, and wood) the coop (wood and plywood with a nesting box and five nests) the coop floor is also plates. and the west run for the chick hatching and isolation.

I am posting this here because I want someone to benefit from this. I have four constraints:

  1. You must pick this up
  2. You must help to disassemble the coop
  3. You must share this on social media
  4. You must pick this up before April 10th

If not, it will be destroyed and recycled. that is the way.


  • M. Moon

    Hello! Remember that lame duck you rescued a few years back and he went to Opal’s mommy for rehab? I’m the one who helped build his wheelchair and adopted him from her!

    I would love to get started with chickens and am in need of a coop. My only.concern is transporting it. What are the measurements? I may have to rent a truck to move it. Feel free to email!

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