How We Discovered Mezzacello

The Origin Story of Mezzacello as told by Rick. Who would buy a property in the city and then adapt it completely to another use?

The original empty lot from the alley

The Foodist: Blueberry Galette with Rosemary Crust

A delightfully simple savory blueberry and rosemary galette that will impress ANYONE AND sell your house!

Lesson: Intro To Urban Ag Tech

This is the first lesson for every Urban Ag Tech Camp: a Map of Mezzacello and a tour of the stations, systems, and tech.

Lesson: Building a Mobile BioLab

Proper care and exams of the animals is a necessity, but with a camp of kids, the vet counter in the coops is not enough.

Lesson: Building a Mobile Data Lab

Students will need to work collectively to record and analyze data. this mobile data lab is perfect for deploying quickly.

Lesson: Animal Holding Area

Students must quickly brainstorm and collaborate to determine the best system to build that will safely house and secure animals.

Lesson: Ag Career Puzzle Game

Students will work in teams todo a series of simple tasks. Then they will be interviewed by other teams about their career.

Gender Equity and Sustainability
The first governor of Mars

Lesson: Communications 101

Students must learn a series of steps to be able to observe, collect, record, and share data. Then act on that data correctly.