Fire In The Garden

Using fire in the garden benefits ecosystems. It may be counterintuitive, but fire is more dangerous to everything but the plants and soil!

Fire In The Garden

Leek Whitening Strategy

I grow Leeks here regularly. But the whites of the leeks carry the most flavor, so I am speeding up the white growth. Wrap in paper.

Bakki Shower and Biofilter Combo

A slideshow of the pond systems in the fall of 2022. The Bakki Shower and the Biofilter systems. It’s where nature meets tech!

The pond system at the farm
The pond system at the farm

Practical Carbon Sequestration

Gardening is a great way to set carbon back into the earth. This is especially true if you are committed to compost.

Fall Harvest Update 2022

A brief update and photo essay of the gardens at Mezzacello mid fall 2022. There are some adaptations and adjustments, but that’s life

Developing oases of food

Creative Recycling and Winter Prep

The perfect opportunity to blend components from the formal and potager gardens and recycle items to insure success!

Mezzacello in Winter – Animals, Power, and Water

A quick update on power and livestock systems to keep liquid water on hand in winter. I will update this.

Lesson: Rotary Motion and Electromagnets

Happy Holidays From Mezzacello

Rick and I wish you well as we progress back into spring – and into the new year. We wish you the best and look forward to 2023.

Happy Holidays From Mezzacello

The Foodist: The Essential Greens Recipes

This is a master recipe for all greens, but Collards in particular! Jim hates collards, but he loves this recipe because it is heartier and less vinegary.

Quality Education and Sustainability

Part of a series of blogs around how Mezzacello uses UN Sustainability Goals at Mezzacello. This one is quality education.