The Ghost Foundations of Mezzacello

Since 1868 when the house was built, there have been three houses built and destroyed here to the south of us. The foundations remain.

The Ghost Foundations of Mezzacello

Fear, Necessity, Economics and the Future

Hence Mezzacello Exists. This is a reflection on the past, the present, and the future.

Fear, Necessity, Economics, Reason, and the Future
Food from PAST Foundation collected intentionally for the chickens so it doesn't go to waste.

Sustainability and Renewal

The secret to sustainability is finding ways to reintegrate waste and produce more than you started with. Repeat and add diversity.

Sustainability and Renewal

Animal Harvest Day at Mezzacello

This one is a bit grim, but super important if you want animals in your ecosystem and not just pets. Everything matters.

Fishy Business

When you start something new like an entire garden system with multiple gardens and systems, things surprise you, like the fishy business.

Fishy Business
The view of the fish from within the pond.

The Boy Scouts Were Right; Always Be Prepared

I found a duck on a clutch of eggs and rather than act right then to help, I did the wrong thing. Be a boy scout.

Harvest, Hunger, and the Art of Preservation

The harvesting of food is the single greatest chore in urban farming, the next greatest is preserving it!

Potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and duck eggs collected from the garden and livestock gardens at Mezzacello.

Lesson: Magnetism 101

Students will learn the mystery of magnetism. From the quantum to the electro-mechanical students will explore all types of magnets.

Lesson: Creating an Ecosystem

Students will create a map or maquette of the ecosystems of Mezzacello and determine using science and data if it is an ecosystem.

Lesson: Basic Sanitation 101

Sanitation is a critical skillset on an urban farm. This lesson introduces students to the basics of sanitation and pathology.