Store Bought Food and Seeds

How do we know that the food we buy is organic? After all it doesn’t stamped and the seeds aren’t going to tell you anything. Data!

Eden’s Ghost Application

The origin and use of Eden’s Ghost and how I developed it with the bioreactor. This post includes directions for use and instructions.

Bioreactor processing

Reset The Bio Dome

The Bio dome project has failed. Too many variables to control and not enough hands on the job. Will reset and try again. Heat, Water, life.

Reset The Bio Dome

Cardboard Journey Into Green

What do you do with all the cardboard one collects? Treat non-waxed boxes with DE, let it sit in the sun and rain and then mow it.

Cardboard from Costco and Amazon

Lesson: Team Building 101

This lesson covers what is expected of teams and what a team is. It’s important that students see themselves and others as a unit.

Summer Camps
Having Fun with a Robot Selfie Stick

Next-Level Algae Collection

I have been cleaning biofilter sponges of their dried algae by hand. Today I repurposed my chicken feather plucker for algae.

TChicken pluckers also clean and capture algae

From Waste to Water

Using off the shelf buckets, washed sand, gravel, charcoal and was large river stone we can purify even the dirtiest water.

Water that has been purified naturally

How the Bioreactor Works

A simple schematic of the bioreactor as it was originally designed. How the sun, wind, air, water, chemicals and compost all interact.