Project Martian

The Finest Soils

It’s spring! I am busy planting cucumbers, zucchini, squash, peas, and beans. The soil in the compost beds is deep, moist, and rich with nutrients. I amended the beds with the peas and beans with feather paste and fish meal…

Producing Food and Eating as an Art

One of the benefits of Mezzacello is the the unique differences between Jim and I. The marriage of different perspectives on some of the things we already value. We find ourselves delving into aspects of things that we otherwise might…

Julia Child and Jacques Pepin

Adapt, Recycle, Reuse: Chicken Diapers

Chicken Diapers: see new uses and explore – and then COVID. When the humble chicken diaper becomes a face mask again.

She is completely ‘unbovvered’.

Sanitizing the Hen Yard

Slowly over the last 18 months I have been implementing the upgrades to my urban farm animal yards that were suggested by the Columbus Health Department. I have a higher standard to uphold as I am applying for a permitting…

The durable rubber mattes that comprise the sanitary hen yard.

Easy Classic French Bean Poles

Inspired by classic beanpoles at French Chateaux, these are a modern update that are easy to build. This includes directions.

Posing with the three Bean Poles I built this summer.

Herbal Parterres

A year two update on the herbal parterres at Mezzacello. The drawbacks and benefits and what I love. The microclimate and structure are key!

Herbal Parterres
The second year of the herbal parterre gardens.

MidSeason Harvest

It’s mid July. That means it’s time to start harvesting the early spring crops! The replacement seedlings are in the greenhouse now. But first I need to not only HARVEST available produce and root vegetables, I need to figure out…

Red potatoes ready for harvest in the lasagna compost beds.

The Foodist: Perfect Pan-Roasted Chicken

This is a crowd pleaser and is a great way to make chicken thighs go a long way with amazing style. Fresh and tasty!

The Foodist: Perfect Pan-Roasted Chicken
Roast chicken with rosemary, thyme and lemon glaze.

Foodist: Cured Egg Yolks

INGREDIENTS 1¾ cups kosher salt 1¼ cups sugar 4 large egg yolks Nonstick vegetable oil spray RECIPE PREPARATION Whisk salt and sugar in a medium bowl to combine. Evenly spread out half of salt mixture in an 8×8″ glass baking…

Cured duck egg yolk. Creamy, dreamy.

Foodist: Perfect Quiche

Perfect Quiche has the perfect texture, flavor combination, seasoning and is gorgeous. It makes a terrific meal anytime of the day. Perfect Quiche is so versatile. Add your favorite meats, cheeses, vegetable or herbs to make it your own creation….

The finished pies! They look and smell delightful!