Practical Water Management

Water is one of the holy trinity of resources in an urban ecosystem, alongside biomass, and flora and fauna.

The Path to an Aquatic Ecosystem

Armed with a vision and some CAD plans for my semicircular Georgian pond, I presented my idea to the Columbus Department of Health Animal Permit Division. I had discussed my need for a large aquatic biosystem to support fish and…

A Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystem

A Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystem

A big hole, bigger dreams, some resources, disasters, and a summer later, we have a pond. And there were ducks.

A Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystem


I have consigned myself that I have built this pond on the site of an ancient Indian burial ground, and is cursed by malevolent spirits.

Adding a pond to the DMZ.

Fishy Business

When you start something new like an entire garden system with multiple gardens and systems, things surprise you, like the fishy business.

Fishy Business
The view of the fish from within the pond.

Ponds as Spigots and Nutrient Additive Systems

The moment when you realize that the biofilter for the pond is actually also an algae wine cask for the flowers.

Winterizing Mezzacello In 2019-20

Winter on an Urban Farm can be brutal. These are the lessons I have learned in the last four years that might apply to you!

Life finds a way to be in the water

Winter Prep: restoring the water table

A lot of people hate winter. I am not a fan of the mud and sludge, but winter is NECESSARY for a farm in this latitude. Tough titties. I need the cold to reset the micro flora and fauna, to…

Snow on the various ecosystems around a Mezzacello