Project Renewables Arts and Craft

The proposed Project Renewables Arts and Crafts projects. Subject to change, guaranteed to be recycled and electric fun!

Project Renewables Arts and Craft
A View of the solar arrays from atop the trash bin behind Mezzacello.

Project BioEngineering Arts and Crafts

The arts and crafts students will be exploring in the BioEngineering Arts and Crafts section of the 2023 summer camp.

Project BioEngineering Arts and Crafts
A brilliant and talented engineer

Project BioTech Arts and Crafts

These are the arts and crafts activities we will be employing in the BioTech Summer Camp in 2023. Diverse, fun and engaging.

Lesson: Chemical Bonds and Ions

In this lesson: Chemical Bonds and Ions we explore the atom and the interesting way they bond together and do work. Fun!

Lesson: Pattern, Structure, Process

This is a core lesson: how to understand more complex problems through systems engineering principles and reframe problems.

Lesson: Leadership Roulette

In this lesson, which is universal, we will learn what it takes to be a leader, and that leadership is a skill and a relationship.

BioTech Lesson Plans

BioTech Camp 2023 five day lesson plans with lesson, activity, design challenge and presentation data. Teacher resource for use at Mezzacello.

BioEngineering Lesson Plans

BioEngineering Camp 2023 five day lesson plans with lesson, activity, challenge and presentation data. For teacher use at Mezzacello

Lesson: Under Pressure

This is a core lesson on the role of pressure in all its many forms at Mezzacello. A heavy and forceful issue! Under Pressure indeed!

Lesson: Phases of Matter

I this lesson we take a closer look at pressure, temperature, water and the three most common phases of matter. Solid, liquid, gas.