2022/2023 Internships

2022/2023 Internships in Health and Safety, Renewable Energy, and CAD, 3D Printing, and Coding. Apply by 11/25/2022.Posts announced 12/15

Unlikely Interns on an Urban Farm

We had hosted a guest at Mezzacello who wanted to help around the farm. There was a learning curve. Hilarity ensued.

Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions and Sustainability

Part of a series of blogs detailing how UN 17 SDG play out at Mezzacello. This is peace and justice.

Protecting the most vulnerable and powerful alike.

Design Challenge: Interview for Your Future Job

In this design challenge we will play a word association game to create a road map for a future career.

VAWT4All Initial Data Collection

A pop up blogpost created by one of my High School interns at Mezzacello. Data collection and models. Learn more here.

VAWT4All Initial Data Collection

TeachTheGrower Attendance

This database is for the TeachTheGrower Grant

Hopes and Dreams

A quick recounting of how post COVID my summer camp kids gve me the confidence to dream big again.

Hopes and Dreams

The Golden Ticket Presentation

The YouTube video of the talk I gave at the October 2023 Global innovation Field Trip on what i created Mezzacello to be.

The Golden Ticket Presentation