Farming Tips

How We Discovered Mezzacello

The Origin Story of Mezzacello as told by Rick. Who would buy a property in the city and then adapt it completely to another use?

The original empty lot from the alley

Why “Poor Boys Have Poor Ways”?

This was our original inspiration for starting Mezzacello. We had vision, but no funds. Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson

Why "Poor Boys Have Poor Ways"?

The City/Farm Garden

The Systems Approach to life expects one to look at pattern, process, and structure. That’s what we have done here at Mezzacello.

The Ghost Foundations of Mezzacello

Urban Farm, Urban Problems

Urban Farm, urban problems vandals, theft and working out the path of sustainability and ecosystems. We rebuild and keep working.

Practical Water Management

Water is one of the holy trinity of resources in an urban ecosystem, alongside biomass, and flora and fauna.

Springtime, Chicks and the Truth About Ducks

Choose wisely when you are adding animals. to an urban farm. You need to know the pros and cons up front!

Springtime, Chicks and the Truth About Ducks
Saxony Ducks

Too Much Nitrogen, Not Enough Nutrients

After a hopeful start, I realized I missed the mark on nutrients, minerals and compost vs manure. Another season.

Compost, Soil Enrichment, and Garden Infrastructure
final layer of soil and nutrients

The Evolving Role of the DMZ Between Formal and Urban Gardens at Mezzacello

The DMZ at Mezzacello has traditionally been the line between the formal and feral.

The original vision of the DMZ as a border land between urban and formal gardens.