Design Challenge

Avian Flu and Sanitation

Avian Flu is deadly for chickens and ducks. When kids visit Mezzacello, I insist they sterilize the shoes in bleach. All feet covered!

Avian Flu and Sanitation

Water From Waste Part Two

After testing the design for a simple plastic solar still, we will build a better more efficient model with wood, metal and glass.

Wine case after...

Project BioChemical Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts for Life and BioChemistry Summer camp. The secret of the periodic table of elements! Chemistry in action!

Project Renewables Arts and Crafts
Chemical Energy

Project BioEngineering Arts and Crafts

The arts and crafts students will be exploring in the BioEngineering Arts and Crafts section of the 2023 summer camp.

Project BioEngineering Arts and Crafts
A brilliant and talented engineer

Project BioTech Arts and Crafts

These are the arts and crafts activities we will be employing in the BioTech Summer Camp in 2023. Diverse, fun and engaging.

BioEngineering Lesson Plans

BioEngineering Camp 2023 five day lesson plans with lesson, activity, challenge and presentation data. For teacher use at Mezzacello

Becoming More Than The Box rather than Thinking Outside it.

Design Challenge: Six Simple Machines

In this Design Challenge we create a game of reducing objects into the simple machines that comprise all machines.

Inactive Alkaline Battery

Design Challenge: Build an Animal Tractor

In this design challenge we ask students to build a system to keep animals safe and healthy. With many options.

Design Challenge: Build an Animal Tractor