Lesson: Building a Mobile BioLab

Proper care and exams of the animals is a necessity, but with a camp of kids, the vet counter in the coops is not enough.

Lesson: Animal Holding Area

Students must quickly brainstorm and collaborate to determine the best system to build that will safely house and secure animals.

Lesson: Communications 101

Students must learn a series of steps to be able to observe, collect, record, and share data. Then act on that data correctly.

Lesson: Water – Friend or Foe

Students will explore water as both a critical solvent and as a source of live-giving moisture and hydration. Focus on Biochemical analysis.

Water Testing and Treatment

Lesson: Potash – Alchemy or Chemistry

When you think about ash, do you see destruction or creation? In reality you should see both. This is also a great blog.

Lesson: Understanding Soil and Dirt

This lesson discusses the difference between dirt as a matrix of minerals and media, and soil, which is dirt infused with organic life.

Materials for Martian Beds to be delivered to PAST Foundation. Everything was controlled very closely.

Lesson: Magnetism 101

Students will learn the mystery of magnetism. From the quantum to the electro-mechanical students will explore all types of magnets.

Lesson: What Is Energy

This is a completely open discussion on the mystery of energy and its relationship to life and mindfulness. We go from philosophy to hard science.

The universe becomes aware of itself.