Design Challenge: Mastering Fear

In this design challenge we explore the intersections of time, biology, emotion, and courage by creating an emotion hourglass.

Design Challenge: Reframe a Problem

In this design challenge we pretend to be encountering an elephant blind. How does the way we look at a problem change us?

Activity: Understanding Emotions, Fear and Confidence

In this activity we will discuss fear, failure, and confidence and create a fable.

BioRenewables Lesson Plans

BioEngineering Camp 2023 five day lesson plans with lesson, activity, challenge and presentation data. For teacher use at Mezzacello

The Bioreactor with the Water Purification Tower

Design Challenge: Build a Gate

in this design challenge: build a gate we discovery all the design constraints for proper fences and gates to keep animals safe.

Design Challenge: Interview for Your Future Job

In this design challenge we will play a word association game to create a road map for a future career.

BioDome 2 Power Systems Integration

A quick update on the Biodome 2.0 at Mezzacello. We are getting ready to integrate power and water reclamation.

USDA Zones vs EcoRegions

The USDA Hardiness zones are broad approximations of climate and weather reality. The truth is more complex.

Lesson: Molecular Machines in Nature

In this lesson we will be discussing how nature knows how to use the six simple machines to make atoms and molecules work.

Design Challenge: Build a Covalent Atom

In this design challenge, students must understand valence shields, atoms and covalent bonds to show phases of matter.