Lesson: Understanding pH

In this lesson we explore the pH scale to understand the basic chemistry of life in terms of acids and bases. Water is neutral.

Design Challenge: Build a Stomach

In this Design Challenge we will explore how living animals digest food and create energy and wastes by creating a stomach.

Design Challenge: The Large And The Small

This Design Challenge we explore how scale affects the way life, light, and reality interact. We sort the scales here.

Lesson: Pressure and Water

In this lesson we explore why water is so special in that it is magnetic and when you constrict it gets stronger. This is sanitary.

Design Challenge: The Alcohol Family

This design challenge explores the alcohol molecules and the basics of the Lewis Structures. Using magnets and steel rods.

Lesson: Treat On Site

This lesson covers the ins and outs of caring for animals, plants, gardens, and insects on an urban farm. Vet tech insights and details.

Lesson: Using a Rabbit Sling

In this lesson we learn about animal physiology and psychology and how to properly care for a rabbit when trimming its nails.

A happy rabbit

Design Challenge: Lewis Structure Spelling Bee

In this design challenge, we introduce atomic symbols, quantities, and bonds in physics, chemistry, and biology.

Design Challenge: DIY Chicken Feeder & Waterer

Students must find a way to combine three simple items to create an efficient way to feed and water animals.

Design Challenge: Duct Tape Trivia

In this duct tape design challenge, students must resaerch and create a solution using duct tape and data. No ducks harmed!