Climate Reality and Climate Action

Volunteering with Green Columbus to distribute free trees, offset Climate Reality: Future50 PAST, & Mezzacello’s mission.

doing the work with your neighbors

Growing To Green Sustainability Award

Recently Mezzacello was awarded the Growing to Green Sustainable Garden of the year award. I am very proud and excited.

Winning Sustainable Garden of the Year.

Practical Carbon Sequestration

Gardening is a great way to set carbon back into the earth. This is especially true if you are committed to compost.

Mezzacello and the UN 17 SDGs

This is mu UN 17 SDG Sustainability Portal. All 17 of the blog posts I wrote documenting my path here at Mezzacello. Cheers!

Mezzacello and the UN 17 SDGs

Sustainability and Renewables on an Urban Technology Farm

I presented to the Global Innovation Field Trip this Saturday, 7/22/2023. I created a new equation.