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The Launch of Mezzacello 2.0

Mezzacello is evolving, again. More infrastructure, more technology, garden beds, and new outbuildings for livestock, tools and media. Here is a sneak peek at the urban farm a week before the launch of my Urban Ag Tech Camp with the Ohio Farm Bureau and the PAST Foundation. Stay tuned! There will be much more to …

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The Manure That Infected Mars

#ProjectMartian really worked well. Especially during the COVID19 isolation. Last year every bit of manure and green and brown for compost went through the #Bioreactor. I was mocked for using it. I was chastised for calling it that. But it did work. This year I used compost from the bioreactor in all of my 24 …

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The Rule of Sustainability – 3 and 5 Strategy

Sustainability is a really important topic in the world right now. We need more of it, but we need better metrics to define what “it” is. Like the word, “nice” sustainability means many different things to many different people. At Mezzacello I have developed a rule of thumb that helps me better define sustainability. I …

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Redefining Mezzacello

Mezzacello is more than an urban farm. It is more than a group of enclosed sustainable ecosystems. It is also a learning lab dedicated to advancing and innovating agricultural and technology solutions for urban food deserts. That takes improvements in infrastructure and resources. Over the past two weeks I have been pulling down buildings and …

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