Boot Storage on an Urban Farm

Boot Storage on an Urban Farm

Wellingtons or water proof and rubber boots are an essential item on an urban farm. But they take up a lot of floor space. This is a clever way to accomplish boot storage on an urban farm.

Because I work with poultry on the regular, the rubber boot is mission critical to avoid spreading Avian Flu and other pathogenic diseases. Rubber boots are easily sterilized and efficient in a poultry coop. But if you store them on their soles, the get wet and critters start calling them home.

I have found that repurposing my potager garden picket fence is a very efficient way to store boots close to where we might need them. I had to make a simple modification to the picket to accommodate the calf shaft of the boot. It’s just a piece of 1″ x 2″ lumber that I attached to the picket with a drill and a glued dowel.

This dowel keeps the wood firmly attached to the picket and the top of the boot easily clears the top rail of the picket fence. Plus a line of boots on the garden picket fence is a really charming way to store boots.

This is a diagram of the type of rubber boot I prefer to use at Mezzacello.

A useful note about most rubber boots you can find on the market is that most boots do not have pull up straps, just the top edge. Also be aware that most boots are actually one size smaller than your actual shoe size. The rubber boot is roomier than you might need in your actual shoe size.

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