BioRenewables Lesson Plans

Welcome to Week One Morning Camp and the BioRenewables Lesson Plan page. Each day is laid out below with links to lessons, activities, and design challenges. If you are looking for a list of all lessons, click here.

Day One:

Farm Systems

  1. Design Challenge: Build a Power Grid Map of Mezzacello
  2. Design Challenge: Create a Multimeter Display
  3. Design Challenge: Complete the Circuit

Team Building – What makes a good team and how do you make that happen?

  1. Design Challenge: Grace Under Pressure
  2. Design Challenge: Team Identity
  3. Design Challenge: STEM Identity

Layers of Reality – a fun way to introduce the STEM in #UrbanAgTech by creating a model for the way the world works through art and lecture.

Day Two

Webs of Life – a quick review of where in our world we interact with Atoms and why.

  1. Design Challenge: Electricity and Matter
  2. Design Challenge: Create a Simple Motor
  3. Design Challenge: Using Electromagnetic Radiation to Bleach Plastic

Data 101 – A deeper dive into how and why we collect and use data from graphs and labels to predictions and proof.

  1. Design Challenge: Create a Data Set
  2. Design Challenge: Create a chart
  3. Design Challenge: Tell a Story with Data

Day Three:

The Circle of Life – a crash course into Applied STEM and Math integration in Ag and in STEM.

  1. Design Challenge: Conductors VS Insulators
  2. Design Challenge: Identify a Reframe of a Simple Problem
  3. Design Challenge: Using The Force

As Above; So Below – a reminder that life is sophisticated and deeper than we want to acknowledge, but is essentially Yin and Yang with a boundary layer.

  1. Design Challenge: What IS Lightning?
  2. Design Challenge: Air, Water, Earth, Fire
  3. Design Challenge: Creating a simple LED Card

Day Four

Career Crossover – Allows students to reflect on what they have observed and how it impacts their curiosity and their future

  1. Design Challenge: Career Memory Game
  2. Design Challenge: Team Algorithm
  3. Design Challenge: Create a Portable Broadcast System

Analyze and Modify – Create a script for the final video for the team at Camp.

  1. Design Challenge: Discuss with your team what your video will be
  2. Design Challenge: Assign Random Roles
  3. Design Challenge: Create an Exploded LED Light

Day Five

  • Finish Your Product Development
  • Prep for Presentation
  • Present your Final Presentation

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