Bioreactor Compost Engine Update for 2022

This is a Bioreactor Compost Engine Update for 2022. The system continues to impress me. For a refresher, the bioreactor is a multi-use system that supplies pressurized water, nutrients, compost, power (Solar and Wind), telemetry (4G, Radio and 5G), weather, and various atmospheric and power monitoring modules.

In this update we will be discussing its capacity to create high-quality compost in around 35 days. The onboard water tower, control servos and bioreactor accelerants make this pretty easy. In a week I will remove this module and replace it with another.

New Innovations

This batch you see here will continue to drain to halt anaerobic conditions and that liquified fertilizer will be collected and stored or used around the gardens. After that the top 200 liters of compost will be recycled into the next batch as browns and what is below will be amazing compost.

Two key innovations I instituted in this iteration is the reuse of Eden’s Ghost as an accelerant and injecting the reused and new accelerant directly into the water flow. I need to get this system a little less unwieldy, as it’s rather difficult to pour beer, soda and ammonia into a PVC tube above your head, so some sort of pumping mechanism, or a gravity-fed tank makes more sense. Pouring the Eden’s Ghost right on top is super easy though, and still could use a pump.

The Automation Stalemate

I had hoped at this point to have more of the system automated. Either due to my lack of understanding of fluid dynamics and entropy or just not having time and energy to throw at it, it’s not there. I have been tied up with readying the grounds for summer camps and working with an intern on the bio dome project.

I will continue to work at getting this system to run automatically. Until I do, please know this works really really well. I am looking forward to continue to innovate this process elsewhere so I can analyze, improve, and modify my theories and fabrication.

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