BioDome Automated Systems 2023

Gallery of the BioDome Automated Systems 2023 showing the steel frame, the dual insulated covers, and the systems inside to encourage tropical plant growth.

Well it was a bit of an obsessive struggle, but I can say I understand my modified geodesic system well enough to build and dismantle it now. I also discovered that I needed two layers of plastic to better insulate it. I also needed to add vents to let in fresh air – regardless of the external temperatures.

More Focused Sensors This Time

In my original iterations of the biodome I had too many sensors that were giving me data that I could not use. Too Hot, Too Humid, Too much sun, Too much chill. This time there are three sensors:

  1. How much sun as a function of time
  2. How often and long does water need to spray
  3. What are baseline temps during day and night only

This will make it much easier to use the data from the sensors to give these fragile plants a better chance of surviving our Ohio winters. And the automation will save me a lot of time. I need to come up with a way to monitor scale and pests though.

So for now it’s a visual test. I am putting this system to the test now as i am on vacation and this system is running on automated systems. Wish me luck!

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