Bakki Shower and Biofilter Combo

The pond with the tower and the biofilter arrays.

This combo is the latest foray here at Mezzacello to care for the koi and the water quality of our aquatic ecosystem. It is called a bakki shower and is paired with an efficient biofilter combo. I am showing a breakdown of the bakki shower and biofilter combo systems here.

The Bakki Shower Tower Filter and Biofilter Assembly.
The Bakki Shower from above.
The biofilter with dirty sponges and water full of algae.
“Clean” sponges in the biofilter. I harvest the algae.
The temperature sensor for monitoring fish health and mating and feeding seasons.
Electrical array and auto power off sensor.
These systems keep the water surprisingly clear.

I will cover all of these systems in a later blog. This is just a detail of the systems for now. Check back and read how my systems integration plan went.

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