Avian Flu and Sanitation

Avian Flu and Sanitation
Campers wearing rubber boots or plastic bags to keep my birds safe.

Avian Flu and sanitation are really important issues for me at Mezzacello. This is the first day of my biochemistry summer camp and we had to adapt some shoes so they could be safely sanitized in bleach water after visiting the coops. I thought it was a bit of genius, but some of the kids were less than impressed!

Empathy, Recycling, and Sanitation Are Key

The very next day all these students had rubber boots! By highlighting that choices we humans make to safeguard vulnerable poultry really resonated with these young people. That gives me hope.

In addition to making sure we were keeping the birds safe, we also worked hard to keep humans safe. This meant hand washing and creating amended soaps and sanitizers for use at the mobile sinks. Then we used a water evaporative reclamation system to separate out the fresh water from the grey water .

We collected five gallons of fresh water with the filter and evaporator in one week! Then they shared that water with the birds and to add to the boot sanitation bowls. Some of it they analyzed for pathogens and added bromide to make it safe to drink.

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