Anatomy of The Brunerform

Anatomy of a Brunerform. All clothes and accessories are from thrift store – Exception: Underclothes and DNA Bow Tie.

Something I rarely reference on this blog is the anatomy of the Brunerform. This is the name I give to my distinctive fashion choices. I’m sure you’ve seen me in photos on here or out and about in Columbus, OH. Today I decided as I was going through my closet in the run up for a new year, to do an anatomy of what I call the Brunerform.

What is a Brunerform?

In short it is a combination of brand, style, and functionality that I am fond of wearing. The brand has evolved over the years and it’s got multiple purposes and serves my needs in vastly differing ways. First let’s break it down into its component parts:

  • A hat (Usually a fedora – dishwasher safe is best)
  • A dress shirt (always from Thrift Store)
  • A bow tie (Often hand made, always silk)
  • A sturdy belt
  • A pair of jeans or slacks (Thrift Store!)
  • A pair of sturdy socks
  • Boots, Clogs, Wellies
  • A clean tshirt (for sweat and heat control and so you always have a wicking layer)
  • clean underwear (in case of ER visit)
  • Your keys (on a lanyard connected to pants)

Of course the Brunerform should always look the same. It’s a brand. But it should NEVER restrict one from getting dirty or doing hard work, I call this “battle ready”, and it should always be ready for being in public.

These clothes are a tool for my peculiar mission as a scientist, farmer, engineer, inventor, designer, mentor, and educator. One never knows what they will get into; so always be ready. Hence, Battle-Ready and Brunerform. It’s a Swiss Army Knife made from fabrics.

Variations on a Theme or Bougie Brunerform

Conversely, there will be times where the Brunerform needs to appear all bespoke and high end. These include social functions, business meetings, and the theater. In these cases I still follow the basic anatomy of the Brunerform.

Clothes and accessories are limited to a budget of under $100 for any fabric, tie, shoes, or suit. There’s no point in having an action ready brand if it’s too precious to actually serve as a uniform for work? It’s a quirk of my personality to be ready and thrifty. That’s why I named it as a uniform AFTER myself.

Confidence is the Ultimate Accessory

Confidence when you need it, replaceable clothes when you need it. Style, always.

There are levels of usefulness to this brand and there is history and precedence. It is important to me that I am always ready for anything. As a brand, people recognize me instantly. Every item has more than one purpose. And most importantly, I am comfortable in it.

Confidence is a gift we give ourselves. If clothes make the man, then my clothes make me more effective and flexible. As I age I worry (quietly to myself) that people can’t relate — especially young people. It’s more important for me to be adaptable and. consistent than it is to be considered cool.

Jim Bruner

I need to work harder and not caring and drawing on the confidence that the uniform I wear is going to make a difference in times where work is needed. The Brunerform is my outward expression of my mission and service focus. And I like it. What’s your brand? Tell me in the comments.

What’s Your Brand?

So get busy on your own brand. It’s your most important asset in a world where being different is tough or scary. (Eccentricity is a difficult and demanding task) Commit and justify yourself to yourself. Y’all know what others think of you is none of your business, right?

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