Activity: Understanding Emotions, Fear and Confidence

Icarus coutesy Wikipedia Commons

In this activity we will discuss the role of emotion, fear, failure, and confidence in learning and team building. We’ve talked about fear and emotions. But we really need to dissect passion, confidence and pride.

Fear of failure is very real. But the only path to confidence is to risk fear and failure. It is what help us grow and learn.

Activity: Understanding Emotions, Fear and Confidence

The image above is funny, but it was also very real. I was afraid that an unexpected cold snap in the weather would kill my favorite plants. So I covered them up and disguised them as ghosts.

I am afraid of ghosts. But I am afraid of dead plants more. So in this case, the ghosts were the funnier and safer option.

Failure is not bad. It is a tool to teach us wisdom. Being afraid of failure is bad, but ignoring it is often disastrous.

Why Are We Afraid, Cautious and Humble?

The answer to this question is two-fold. It involves mechanics, biology, chemistry and culture. We have a very long history with these feelings.

First, we are sensory animals. We pay attention to patterns and interactions and look for change. Change is very intriguing and dangerous to us as a species.

The second is that we are social animals. Humans suffer when they are left alone. Just like all other complex animals we grow weak in isolation.

So what do fear and humility have to do in common? The answer is feathers, wax, the sun, and how they all interact. This is the story of Icarus.

Create a Fable

A fable is a story that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It must also tell a moral and serve as a teaching tool. The fable should be able to applied universally to everyone.


Looking at just these five images, tell me the story and the moral of Icarus.

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