2024 Earth Day School Visits

2024 Earth Day School Visits

Are you a high school or middle school teacher in Columbus City Schools? Looking for a fun and exciting Applied STEM tie-in to Environmental and food science? Consider bringing Mezzacello Urban Farm mobile farms to your class with 2024 Earth Day School Visits!

Why Earth Day?

Environmental awareness is a very important aspect of the Earth Day experience. However we know that knowing the problem is not enough. We need to also give our kids applied STEM tools to help address, solve, and better understand our challenges.

In addition, the theme of the 2024 Earth Day events this year is Planet Vs Plastics and their impact on Nature. All of our programming here at Mezzacello Urban Farm are aligned to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Dealing with the inherent pollution of living in and growing in a dense urban environment is at the core of Mezzacello’s mission, this includes combatting micro-plastics pollution.

Bringing The Urban Farm To You, 2024 Earth Day School Visits

Each of the three portable urban farm carts is completely mobile and modular. There are three themes that can be explored using the mobile labs: Energy, BioEngineering, and Ecology.

If you are interested in having a mobile lab come to your school, please comment on the form below. This year, Earth Day falls on Monday, April 22, 2024. I can bring a mobile lab to a STEM class or an assembly. But a registration must be made first.

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Visit Mezzacello Urban Farm

If you’d like to tour Mezzacello Urban Farm you are welcome to that as well. Mezzacello is located on the Near East Side of downtown Columbus, Ohio at Broad and 20th. It is central enough that Olde Towne and King Lincoln/Bronzeville schools can easily visit!

Mezzacello Urban Farm’s Applied STEM and agriculture infrastructure is extensive! We run programming here throughout the year, on site and online. On site there are four lab classrooms (Livestock, Energy Production and Renewables, BioEngineering and Automation, and BioTechnology).

In addition to the labs, Mezzacello Urban Farm has a complete standards-aligned and UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals aligned curriculum, formal gardens, aquatic, herb, hydroponic and traditional food gardens. All of these gardens have applied STEM and advanced permaculture and technology solutions built-in.

Camps and Workshops

Mezzacello runs summer camps, workshops, and online courses. Perhaps your students would be interested in taking a week-long camp or a one-day workshop? Perhaps you would be interested in becoming a teacher alongside my team of interns and teachers?

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